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Darrel Miller for Congress

When I ran for congress in 2014, I emphasized over and over where the parties had common ground on issues to begin finding a way forward. How has our country gone so far, so fast in the opposite direction? The 2018 elections almost beg for new people to step forward as candidates and offer more productive alternatives. Building on common ground is still the only way forward. It just doesn't appear to be the current approach.

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With the failure of Republicans to unite around a healthcare plan, there may be the seed of bipartisan measures to stabilize markets in the Senate healthcare committee. This doesn't fix healthcare, but neither does it accept the administration's threat of ending cost-share-reduction payments and helping the ACA fail. Senator Durbin is right when he says it's time for both parties to sit down and solve healthcare.

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Soon after taking office, the President said we are only going to deport the "bad hombres". Now, hard working, business owning, family raising, church going undocumented immigrants are being swept up with those who truly do need to be deported. Dreamers are being held hostage by the only country they have ever really known. People can rightly debate how we came to have 11 million undocumented immigrants, but this is not our country's finest hour.

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Tax cuts, like those in the recent tax bill, have never generated enough growth to pay for themselves. Republicans want to greatly increase spending for defense and infrastructure while our country is also dealing with several natural disasters. And their plan is to lower revenues? We all want and deserve a simpler, fairer tax code. Republicans should have stayed with revenue neutral tax reform.

The Chicago Tribune has endorsed Darrel Miller for Congress!

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“There are three candidates in the Democratic primary. Junius Rodriguez, a history professor at Eureka College, challenged LaHood in 2016. Brian J. Deters, a high school teacher from Morton, has lived in Switzerland for several years due to his wife’s job. Then there is Darrel Miller, a farmer from Danvers who also has run previously, as a Republican and a Democrat. Miller is deeply informed on the issues and takes a pragmatic approach to thorny problems. Miller is endorsed.”

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