Reproductive Rights

I consider myself to be substantially prolife. I support abortion options in cases of rape, statutory rape, threats to the mother’s health, fetal anomalies. As with other public policies, this is an effort to be a voice for those who have no voice. A woman with an unwanted pregnancy will have some options. (Albeit, sometimes poor ones.) A fetus has only one option; to be born.

Our politics need a less black and white approach to abortion and a broader view of what is prolife. Policies that only support regulating abortions but do not also ensure that a child is fed, educated, housed, and healthy are perhaps pro birth, but they are hardly prolife.

Prolife advocates profoundly hurt their cause when they do not support making contraception more accessible and affordable. Accessible contraception is prolife! Objections to “Plan B” type drugs, because in rare cases they could possibly abort a fertilized egg, are akin to “straining a gnat and swallowing a camel”. Title X funds should be available to groups that effectively make contraceptives available to low income women.

The fights over the legality of abortion distract us from the plight of those most affected by abortion laws: the most marginalized women in our country. Addressing issues these women face should be a prolife issue.

Prolife policies can be consistent with progressive policies. Feminists for Life is a longstanding progressive prolife organization. It seemed to me that some of the most recent Women’s Marches were more welcoming to prolife women’s groups.

The most outstanding Democratic candidate for Illinois governor since the 1970’s was prolife, Glen Poshard. If I were to join the Illinois House delegation, I would join Rep. Dan Lapinski as the 2nd prolife Democrat in our state delegation.

Needless to say, I advocate for a big tent Democratic party in regards to abortion policies.